Youda Fisherman

Youda Fisherman

It's a time management game where you manage a fishing company

Youda Fisherman is a quite addictive time management game. It’s a typical time management game based on the same general game concept of managing various types of resources as effective as possible in order to accomplish tasks and satisfy requirements.

Youda Fisherman comes with pretty nice graphics. They’re not impressive, but they’re colorful and appealing. I personally like the fact that the game can be played in full screen mode as well as in a rather small and unobtrusive desktop window. The sounds and the music are also pretty nice and relaxing.

In my opinion, a big plus in the favor of this game is its very well-made tutorial system that manages to clearly explain every important aspect of the gameplay and to make the game suitable for any category of users, including kids or inexperienced people. As for the game theme and story, things are pretty interesting too. The game is about managing a fishing company in the attempt to rebuild it to its past fame and power. Therefore you are required to hire sea captains, construct factories, conduct trades, administer entire ship fleets, discover markets, invent technologies, and even pirates fighting. As you can see, it gets quite complex, but don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that the game gets abruptly over-complicated. New features are introduced rather slowly throughout a lot of (about 60) levels, so the game remains pretty easy to handle.

To sum it all up, Youda Fisherman will surely be appreciated especially by the fans of time management game. It bears the right amount of complexity and manages to avoid being frustrating or boring.

Margie Smeer
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  • Complex gameplay
  • Over 65 levels
  • Effective tutorial


  • The last step of its installation also asks to change the homepage of your browser
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